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Sheila Portillo

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Sheila Portillo

Sheila Gonzales has a passion for guiding her clients through their personal journey of buying and selling homes. Through years of experience in both real estate sales and mortgage lending, she brings a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the process and prides herself on creating a smooth experience for her clients. 

She has a strong commitment to learning all she can about the industry through advanced coursework as well as educating herself on the current market trends and changes, enhancing her ability to continually deliver opportunities to help her clients make the most important decisions of their lives. 

Sheila is known for her cheerful, energetic enthusiasm for life that spills over into all she does. She is grateful to come from a family of strong female role models who she credits for instilling in her the courageous, honest, hard-working, and caring qualities that people are drawn to. It’s this same inspiration that has driven her to become the tenacious, head-on, no-nonsense negotiator that her clients value.

Like the women who came before her, Sheila takes pride in knowing that her most important role is raising her children and teaching them to navigate the twists and turns that life brings and she does this naturally through the example of her own life. Before launching her real estate career, Sheila worked in banking, handled medical records, and worked in a variety of other environments that taught her how to pivot with changes and work around challenges.

You’ll often find her hiking with her family, exploring the mountains and enjoying the outdoors with friends listening to live music or enjoying a simple backyard barbecue. As a Colorado native, Sheila is proud to acquaint others with the beautiful scenery and adventures Colorado has to offer.

She would love to travel more and hopes to explore more of the world in the near future. She is always eager and excited to explore new things and immerse herself in new cultures and experiences.

Her motto is: Make the right thing to do, the easy thing to do!


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